In Search Of New High ml RTA

I am looking for a tank that has a good base to build from that is in the 8+ ml area. So far I am thinking of a Subtank Mini which the 9ml capacity and a name of mini surprises me. Any recommendations or thoughts on the tank I am looking into?

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Looking for good MTL backup tank/device, drop-in atomizer

First, a little backstory. (If this wall of text is too much, skip to the bottom)

I am currently using an Aspire Plato loaded with a Triton Mini 1.8 Ohm clapton coil running at 16 watts. This is my all day device, and I have found it to be very reliable/dependable.

I go through about 3-6 ml of <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>liquid each day. I use a candy cane/sweet peppermint flavor, at a 50/50 blend. The liquid is clear, and does not tend to 'gum up' coils/wicks.

I currently have two backup devices, a Joyetech evic…

Looking for good MTL backup tank/device, drop-in atomizer

Cubis pro newbie

Hello all, i am a newbie to the vaping world . I started off with a kangertech sub box and now have upgraded to cuboid. I have a herakles plus tank in which i love. I bought a cubis pro yesterday just to experiment. I loved it, the flavor isnt as good as herakles but the vape production on cubis pro was a lot more! I had a question i hear the herakles goes up to around 80 watts and the cubis pro goes to about 30 watts. Its not quite as warm for me so my question is since the cuboid goes to…

Cubis pro newbie

Arctic V12 leaking

I picked up a HorizonTech Arctic V12 on black Friday for a steal. I had watched a vid about the coils for this tank and was intrigued. The ones I have are just the ones it came with, which are the 12 coil(quad coil, triple stacked). Anyway I inspected it making sure the O rings were in place and that everything was snug. So, this thing ripped through the 3/4 of a tank of <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice I filled it with, in like 10 hits. It was nuts. But it was leaking out of the airflow. Just a lil we aping at first,…

Arctic V12 leaking

Triton Clapton Coils Lifespan

Hi all –

I just recently picked up the Tobeco Super Tank Mini and a pack of the 0.5ohm Triton Clapton coils to go with it. The guy in the vape shop has the same tank and said he uses those coils and they run forever. (He said he can get up to 2 mos depending on the <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>liquid). That seemed a little crazy to me….but who knows.

Anyway – I'm wondering what others have experienced with these coils? The first one I used started to taste funky and give me some burnt hits after a couple days….

Triton Clapton Coils Lifespan

Lohasvapes Chaos RDA: Don’t like the vape? Take it for a spin

Does this appeal to anyone? Am I just getting too old? Even if this were a great vape, as described in the description, I'm not at all sure I'd put it on a mod of mine. o_O

Seems more like another Tobeco Turbo deal to me.

So what am I missing?

More pics @ the link.

Inspired by the worlds’ fastest jet, the SR-71 blackbird, CHAOS RDA is with the most advanced Variable Geometry Airflow Control System in the world.

As for the revolutionary design and unique constructure, this RDA would…

<a href="”>Lohasvapes Chaos RDA: Don't like the vape? Take it for a spin

Aspire coils last no time

Recently started vaping and a v light user. I've a Aspire mini-pegasus, using 80/20 mainly veg <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice (3-5mg nicotine) and I seem to go through reg Aspire Kanthal coils (1.2 O) every 4 days at the moment with vv light usage.

Why is that?