No Leak Tanks for Vape-smokers?

Hey Forum,

Ex-<a href="”>smoker here that drags hard with tight draw at low wattage (not a cloud chaser obviously).

All tanks leak more this way if you vape-<a href="”>smoke like I do and I hate leaks. Also travel a lot so sick of the mess every time I get off a plane.

I tried the CL4 tank because I could switch the 510 wide bore with a tighter draw tip. Bottom line it was a disaster because hitting it hard with a tight draw at low wattage resulted in the coil flooding (a lot of hiss, but no <a href="”>vapor) after a…

<a href="<a href="”>smokers.788523/”>No Leak Tanks for vape-<a href="”>smokers?

RDA recommendation for single batter 50w max mod

I was recommended a rafale x rda because of the neutral post allowing for a higher resistance and dual coils. With higher resistance I supposedly would get better battery life, which in turn allows realistic vaping on a single battery.

Would this save me battery on a single battery setup?

It sounds too good to be true.

Single coil rda's are non existent. I may have a marquis rda coming in the mail.

Is using a dual coil RDA realistic on a single battery?


Foul Taste on Mini Buddha RDA

So I have just traded my old Kangertech Dripbox kit for a Mini Buddha RDA Gold Edition and I have noticed that whenever I change the cotton there is a really really foul taste similar to taking a dry hit. I have dripped about 2ml's of <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice onto the cotton and the coil to hopefully saturate any unsaturated cotton. It has not worked and it has been almost 3 hours. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Good 30mm RDA

I have a handful of 22mm and 24mm RDA's. I'm looking for a good 30mm RDA to put on my new RX300. I love large airflow so that would be #1 for me. #2 would be a decent build deck similar to the Twisted Messes deck or a velocity style. I hate bottom airflow so that would be a deal breaker for me. If the authentic is a good price I will go for the real deal but if the RDA is a good clone and I can save money I will go for a clone. Opinions and go……! [emoji38]

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Good 30mm RDA

Has anyone got the ijoy limitless rta rdta

I have been looking at it and it looks sweet. The build decks look easy to work on. I was just wondering if any had any info on it like it good or not. I want to get back into building my own coils for a change of pace. I normally use my ipv5 with a tfv4 with the quad coil and it hits nice but it is getting old. I have the sxpure from p4u it's ok but I think I just want a little more options. I also have the <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>wismec pressa100 tc the ipv d3s the wismec notch coil and a twisted messes that I…

Has anyone got the ijoy limitless rta rdta

Having issues with Goon RDA

Apologies if I don't use the correct terminology.

Just got it in the mail. As soon as I got my hands on it, it was impossible to twist the exterior portion to align the air holes. Took off the the exterior, put it back on, and it was a bit better. Through trying to get this thing set up over the past 30 minutes, I've removed and replaced the exterior a handful of times and it's twisting adequately.

The problem now is I can't get the damn base off. Every video I've watched has shown it…

Having issues with Goon RDA