Velocity v2 clone or Tsunami 24 ?

hey guys after using RTa,RDTA exclusively for the past year or so i'm looking to have another go at an RDA. I picked up a clone freakshow a couple years back and hated it. The clone was cheaply made and leaked really bad. I gave up on RDA's after that but now i'm ready to try again :)

Not looking for anything to expensive ( although i really wnat that Goon lol) so looking for something around 30-40 dollar limit. I have narrowed it down to the tobeco velocity V2 ( or should i be looking at…

Velocity v2 clone or Tsunami 24 ?

Cheap RDA for Noisy Cricket

Hey all, title says it all. Been surfing the web for the last few days looking for a nice, cheap RDA for the noisy cricket I just bought. Just looking for something with a nice long (or stable adjustable) 510 contact pin. Clones are considered as long as they're 1:1 and reliable, like Tobeco.

So far my list of options is as follows:
– Tobeco Velocity V2
– Tobeco Twisted Messes V2
– Fogwind Alliance V2
– Wotofo The Troll V2

Looking for suggestions and advice. Thanks!

Best Relacement for ViviNova tanks?

Hi all,

I have not been here for a couple years because I had really settled into the batteries, tanks, and juice that worked for me. Hey, I <a href="”>smoked the same cigarettes for 35 years – what works, works. :) But this industry is changing so fast, it's getting very hard for me to find replacement coil/wick assemblies for the "old school" top coil ViviNova tanks, which my boyfriend also now uses (and we probably own eight of them between us.)

So I am going to have to move to another tank. I…

Best Relacement for ViviNova tanks?

New to dripping/RDAs. And I’m having some trouble.

So I just bought a subzero 22mm RDA because it came highly recommended from a few different sources. I then attempted my first build and it's pretty bad, measures in at 2.5 ohms. So I try and try again and I finally got it to .25 ohms. I've been using it for about a day now and it's horrible. The flavor is subpar and I've rewicked it 3 times because I kept getting burnt flavor after 3-4 times dripping. The coils are also almost black now. Is the wire faulty? The wicks? Am I doing something…

New to dripping/RDAs. And I'm having some trouble.

Trying to refine my experience

Hi and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

A bit of context:

Been a 20 a day <a href="”>smoker for 28 years.
Been Vaping properly for around 2 months, combined with smoking at a vastly reduced level.
Just made the switch to 100% vaping in past couple of days but looking to refine my experience as I am having a few issues and I don't want them to undermine my weak will power.

Current gear is as follows:
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus x3
Innokin iSub G Tank x1
Innokin iSub A Tank x2
0.5 Standard…

Trying to refine my experience

Uwell Crown

Does anyone know if the Uwell Crown is available anywhere in the U.S.? I saw a few <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>reviews and would like to pick one up, but I don't feel like ordering from China. TIA

Replacing Discontinued Zephyrus – Help Needed!

Hey all!

I'm having to replace my Zephyrus tank, which I've loved, since it's been discontinued and replacement coils are no longer being sold. I have been using the Zephyrus with the UD 0.3 coils on an iStick 50W.

That said, what tank would you recommend as a replacement and which replacement coils are best? Is the Protank 4 the "latest and greatest" and recommended?

Thanks in advance!

NEW UWELL CROWN 2:it looks great but…..

I bought the new UWELL CROWN 2 tank around July 4th. I paid $40 for the tank and 2 packs of .25 coils. I was excited to get it and it seemed great at first. The design of it is great. I like the lock screw that keeps the tank from unscrewing. Leave the lock screw alone unless you are cleaning the tank. When u place the lock screw back in the tank and it isn't flush u will get a mouth full of juice. The bullet coils do allow for a lot of airflow and better flavor then the CROWN 1. That…

NEW UWELL CROWN 2:it looks great but…..