Aspire Atlantis EVO

Last week I got a couple of Aspire Atlantis EVOs. I've mainly been using Cleitos, but I enjoy Atlantis coils and the options available for compatible coils. The EVO looks killer, I love the 2ml size for pocket-ability yes love having the option of a 4ml extension, which is slightly more that the Cleito holds. I also really wanted to try the new EVO .4 and .5 coils.

The new coils are great plain and simple and the coil being the chimney is something I love about the Cleito too. I like…

Aspire Atlantis EVO

Looking for a low watt clearo solution

Been using a Kanger Subtank for a while now. Been having issues with the OCC (0.5 and 1.2 ohm) coils where it works great for the first tank then tastes burnt and awful. Don't run it dry either. As soon as I open it to refill the coil takes a dump which is really weird. Poking holes in the wick with a pin helped some but it was still terrible. Was vaping anywhere between 10w-25w and it just sucked.

I've since switched to their ceramic coil and really like it but I'm now running around 50w…

Looking for a low watt clearo solution

Tank ideas

I have recently purchased a cool fire 4 and am interested in starting to sub Ohm. . My question to everyone is what is a good top fill 4+ml capacity prefer pre-built coils sub Ohm tank that will work well on a cool fire 4 40 watt battery. Does not have to be top fill but is preferred

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Your most pleasant surprises?

What's an RDA or two that exceeded your low expectations? Why were they low? How did they impress you? If you knew before you got it that you'd love it, that's a story for another day.

I can think of two standouts:

The first is my Tobeco Velocity clone. I guess I wouldn't say I had the lowest expectations for it, but I had read a couple of iffy <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>reviews (it's possible they were for another Velocity clone) and it was very inexpensive. It was also my first clone and the anti-clone brigade–…

Your most pleasant surprises?

Goon RDA Best build for flavor

Im about to buy the goon RDA and was wondering what the best flavor build is for it? I was thinking just simple single clapton coil build. However, I'm sure their is a better build out there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also please don't recommend other RDA's just the best flavor build for the goon is all i want. Thanks again.

3rd attempt towards quitting smoking – Not going well with CCells (break in?)

So it's my 3rd attempt towards quitting analogs (20 years 2.5 packs a day).

So I purchased 2 Veporesso mods, 2 packs of CCell coils 0.9ohm Kanthal.

Cleaned it > Dropped <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice on the ceramic > Dropped juice on the hexagon holes > let it sit for 24 hours > several pulls with the flow closed > started at 12-18 watts > … DRY HITS!

I took the second mod and went into the process again while watching some videos on Youtube, still very little flavor and very dry burned taste.

Do they really…

3rd attempt towards quitting smoking – Not going well with CCells (break in?)

Velocity Mini Higher Ohm Build Question

Hola! Just wondering if anyone out there is running higher ohms in their velocities.

I'm trying to dial in a good vape at lower wattages for battery life.

1.3 ohms @ 11-13 watts was pretty good. Trying .5 now but the wattage seems to Need to be much higher to get the same density of vape.

I am running dual coils and have 28/29/30 gauge kanthal. Faster ramp up times are a bonus.