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Hey Che, since i have started vaping i have ordered a lot of juice from a lot of dif venders and so far. I havent gone to far into the creamy side of vape juices but I have not been disappointed with what i have received from Also I got a great sample pack from At the moment i am rocking Hazenut Tobacco from ejoose and cant get enough.

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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brian Wilson. I have been using this site for about four days now. When I found this site I didn’t believe it, free stuff! But I joined up and gave it a try. Just for registering a got 25 points, so I bought the cheapest e-juice there was with my points. And it actually came in the mail! So ever since I have been trying to spread the word about the site anyway I can. Not just for the free stuff, but for the knowledge gained, friends you can make, and hopefully to turn people into electronic cigarette users. Now I am trying to get the ego starter kit and it is 800 points. The one I have right now really sucks. But in time I shall accomplish my goal of getting it. And also my goal of getting as many cigarette users to join the site, and get them to switch.
Thanks for the great website! Brian Wilson

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How do you get ecig companies to send me free kits to review?

Question by fredy: How do you get ecig companies to send me free kits to review?
I whatn to continue reviewing but it cost to much to be buying to meny kits.i really need help getting e cigs to review.i have tried contacting them but they tell me ther not sending kits at the time.and I am not under age.

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Answer by Jake
You would have to be an influential writer with a highly rated site, or be a well known retailer in order to be likely to receive free samples.

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Using E cig Liquid but noticed some black stuff on the inside of the cap?

Question by mike: Using E cig liquid but noticed some black stuff on the inside of the cap?
i have been buying e cig liquid bottles for a while now and i noticed that 2 of mine that i have had for about a month have some black specks inside the cap. is that bacteria? how can i find out?

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Answer by Jon
You can’t without lab tests. Chuck them and don’t take a chance. Most bottles are treated and sterilised before filling to prevent this. Seriously get your e-liquid and e-juice form a reputable company. Although recommedations are frowned upon. I use for all my e-liquid – I have bottles that I did not like the flavour for still standing with NO visible contamination months after being open. Go to a reputable company, if you don’t like this recommendation, just Google (or Yahoo) for electronic cigarette uk and choose someone that looks good. Evape do Flavourart and have their own Black Label Premium e-juice which is fantastic. DO NOT USE A FLY-BY-NIGHT COMPANY – you are putting this stuff in your body. Buy the real McKoy!

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Well if you’ve been lurking you probably see we’re a pretty friendly and happy bunch of vapers with our own little piece of heaven.

o hopefully you’ll join in the fun, the nice bonus of the VFF points and giveaways just make it all that much more fun.

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