New Members and New Vapers • Belated hellos hi’s and welcomes

Sorry new people, i’m not on this new members thread often enough. ((((((bows head ashamedly :oops: :oops: )))))
But i’d like to welcome everyone i haven’t as yet welcomed. i shall give myself a sharp slap on the wrist and will not let it happen again

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

Good to have you here with us Zombievaper. Welcome to ECA. Glad you "rediscovered" vaping.

As you now know, in spite of any propaganda issued by the FDA and health organizations such as the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society,etc. , vaping works. There are now thousands, tens of thousands that will attest to it.

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

I’ve had anxiety and stress issues for as long as I can remember, and at around 13 I’d had a particularly rough few weeks (home wasn’t exactly what anyone would call a healthy environment back then) and a friend suggested smoking might help me calm down. From there it just escalated. I’ve been trying to quit (cold turkey, patches, gum, never tried the meds though since I’ve already had bad experiences with anti-depressants) or cut back here and there for a few years now, but it never lasted long and I never managed to get below 1/2 a pack a day.

I found out in late November that my first child is on the way and decided it was time to find something that would work. I had initially discounted ecigs as an experience with a friend’s 0mg weak flavored gas station disposables years ago turned me off of them, and I wasn’t aware anything else existed. Then at random on another board I came across a discussion of PVs and got a lot of the "beginner" questions answered and explained to me by people that I knew weren’t trying to sell me something. I did some further studying and ended up ordering an ego T kit, and within a few days I was already expecting more vapemail. I’ve now been vaping for a little over two weeks and my last cigarette was a week ago today. I’ve already started to notice some of the positive changes in a minor capacity, and even if I wasn’t the fact that I don’t wake up wheezing every other day would have me hooked.

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Re: Damascus steel mechanical mod project – by: Wood Artist

Hi guys 🙂
New connectors look and function great. Attys make contact one full turn before bottoming out 😉


Here’s a look at some of the colors (of course they’re only rough cut in the pic)
Just getting them ready to go to the polisher and engraver

New Members and New Vapers • Re: I am starting a new topic for us newbies that have..

Thank you Ron, I will still need a year to save up, but still less money than the Darwin! I also want to learn more about the new mechanicals modS, I don’t understand no matter what I do, I realize that there are no wiring? But what is the big to do about them? :!: I just don’t understand! See, the blonde in me again!! (Please nothing bad about blondes! So please don’t be mean to me you other blondes, I am, after all a real blonde). OK, so it’s color enhanced of late, at least on my head! ;)

So once again, thanks Uncle R! :D :D :D Cheryl

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