ZAP.. still not blown away..

Ive put my ZAtty-Pro away for a while after a few failed attempts. Ive decided to give it another go. Ive watched many videos, and done a lot of reading.

Last time I couldnt get away from the metallic taste. This coil seems not to have it. My flavor seems very muted and vapor production isnt that great either. My Smok single coil carto in an IBTanked tank completely blows it away in both flavor and vapor production as well as throat hit. I set it up with about 4 wraps and its reading a steady 1.8 ohms after prodding around a bit. The coil heats to glowing from the center wraps slightly at first and then the whole thing has a nice even glow. Im vaping at around 4v. The atty is getting warm. Im not sure how normal this is.

Any suggestions or tips/help would be much appreciated. Im not going to give up this time. I paid too much $ not to get a great vaping experience. On another note, I only know 2 other vapers, both of which have no experience with anything rebuildable, so I’m on my own here.

Thanks in advance for your time.

My review of the ego APV 2 VAMO

I’m still new to the game. I actually haven’t quit cigarettes completely because I’m struggling with finding the right E-juice and to right device.

Well, the Vamo is the device for me. I’m so happy with it. Versatility, quality made, 3 buttons and a digital display that easy to navigate. You can use 1 battery so it’s more compact or you can add on the extension and put in the second battery and get your vape on.

ego <acronym title="Advanced Personal vaporizer, aka mod“>APV V2 (VAMO) Stainless Steel
eFest IMR18350 Button Top (2pc) $8.39
TrustFire TR-001 Charger
Add Car Power Cable – $6.99

Subtotal: $83.36
Discount(s): $4.17


TOTAL: $86.19

Worth every penny!

Vamo and VaporBreak

on the 15th of May i ordered a Vamo Kit from vaporbreak it was shipped out and I got it.

That is when I noticed that the Kanger MT3 tank was sitting at a slant on it. I didnt care for that because it has wedged itself between the ego threads and the outside collar to where if you are not watching it you can unscrew the bottom of the Kanger tank when trying to take it off the mod. I have contacted vaporbreak and let them know i was not happy because it leans.

Reply From vaporBreak:

"Hello, so sorry to hear about that, and could you take a video of it and we can check the exact problem, please send it to and remember to write down “video +order number ” as the email title. We will reply to you as soon as we received it and give a solution to you. And if necessary, we will tell you to return it to us. Thanks advance and have a nice day!"

I thought this is a little different because it is all over the forums here. I didn’t not know this before I ordered the item. I have also see via the forums here that the ss model does not seem to have this issue.

This is a copy of my response and link to the video I made.

Vamo is Leaning – YouTube <<<<<< video

Now I have not given them time to let me know what they are going to do.

Has anyone ever had to deal with vaporbreak before and if so what was the out come?
I would like to know because I am running out of time for a dispute on the account if needed.

Thank you for any help in this matter.

Do E Cigarettes Work?

Do e cigarettes work? This is the common question every smoker has on e-cigs. To find out a suitable answer for this, first, we have to see what an e-cig is? Electronic cigarettes are the real substitute for original cigarettes. They work on a battery and releases vapor on inhalation.

Now the smoker does not have to worry about the bad smell, tar, hazardous chemicals and nicotine, which the original traditional cigarette contains and fulfill the nicotine urge by using e-cig.  Since an electronic cigarette emits only odorless virtual mist or vapor, it is environmental friendly as well. The vapor vanishes into the air within minutes; hence, it does not affect the people around the smoker. Moreover, there is no judicial restriction in using e cigs. It contains no fire or combustion and you can use them in public places like airlines, hospitals or restaurants. There is no danger of causing fire accidents too.


Though e-cigarettes resemble the traditional cigarettes in their appearance and flavor, the best advantage of this magical invention is they are smokeless, odorless and tobacco-free. The most significant part is they are very economical since most of them are reusable while the traditional cigarettes cannot be reused. Nevertheless, the new electronic device doesn’t offer any toxins that a traditional cigarette contains. The traditional cigarette contains everything and may result in clogging your veins and blacken your lung. 


An e-cig is a combination of the best and latest technology, which resulted in the invention of this cessation equipment.

The technology employed in this device is the vaporization of e-liquid from the power of rechargeable batteries present in it. The atomizer heats up on inhalation and vaporizes the e-liquid leaving mist or vapors containing nicotine.


These revolutionary devices are known to offer effective health benefits by providing clean nicotine devoid of tar, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous chemicals that a traditional cigarette contains. This cessation equipment also saves money too. You can save 60% of money that you spend on cigarettes by switching to e-cigs.  You can also contribute something to this world by switching to non-smoke cigarettes. No doubt, e-cigarettes are eco friendly devices because of no fire or smoke. They are quite safe to be carried around.


So, do e cigarettes work? Yes! They work by saving life, environment, pocket and even your beloved ones around you. You can also delight your beloved ones by choosing flavors like coco, coffee or cherry flavored cartridges.

If you are thinking, do e cigarettes work then the answer is “yes”, they do work and work better! Apart from tons of useful information, articles and other resources a good online store to buy electronic cigarettes at reasonable cost is at:

Where To Purchase E Cigarettes

E cigarettes are some of the latest innovative and unique products to be launched into the market. For a long time cigarette smokers had been waiting for such a product which could turn things around and change their lives for the better. For this reason the demand on the E cigarettes has been growing steadily as days go by and it has reached a point where most smokers have now switched to E cigarettes. There are certain things that consumers look for when they are out shopping for a certain item or device. To begin with the quality of the product is always on the top of the list then next comes the features and product capabilities. The same applies to the E cigarettes.

E cigarettes are one of those few devices which have been described as being perfect when it comes to their effectiveness as well as unique features. The demand of the E cigarettes has forced the manufactures to meet the high demands by ensuring production is always high with the E cigarettes being found in all the cigarette stores including those within your neighborhood. As you walk around a cigarette store you will be able to feast your eyes on a variety of E cigarettes being sold in E-cigarette kit.

The E-cigarette kit makes the use of the E cigarettes quite convenient due to the fact that as a beginner you have all the items you need all packed for you within one package. This way you will not have to walk from one cigarette store to another trying to get all the necessary items contained in a single E-cigarette kit. There are different places where a consumer can buy E cigarettes. These can either be from on location cigarette store or online stores to mention just but a few.

As you buy E cigarettes from a cigarette store, you will notice that the pricing will be different from online stores. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that online stores do not charge sales tax which allows them to sale their goods are much cheaper prices when compared to on location cigarette store. Once you place an order on a particular E-cigarette kit you will be able to get it delivered right at your doorstep making it quite convenient for you. With the availability of the E-cigarette kit consumers will never have to miss their daily puff.

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Re: Damascus steel mechanical mod project – by: Wood Artist

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of communication. I’ve been busting my ass trying to get these finished and out. I’m going to be giving everyone a matching drip tip and some juice as a thank you for being so patient. I realize this has taken far longer than you or I expected and I am sorry for that. I am sure that you will be happy with them when you actually get them. I’m aiming to be able to send them out in 2 weeks

Currently trying to sand through the rest of the grits then buff them.

A little FYI fact on just how much work I have involved in just the body’s and plates of just 170 mods

2,925 cuts made
1400 holes drilled in body’s (not including the holes in the plate stock… that is another 1250 of which 750 had to be tapped)
525 holes tapped in body’s
1,750 sides sanded through each grit totaling 10,500 sides sanded
2,500 edges of the plate stock ground to parallel and symmetry