New Members and New Vapers • Hi all!!

I am a brand new newborn on the site and Its quiet foreign to me, haven’t figured it out yet… but then again I don’t usually go to chat sites or other forums. Just IM. I wanted to say hi and hope to get involved soon and meet some cool nice people. I still have tons to learn on the E cig bus. but Ive actually quiet a bit of knowledge of it so far. I also have tried many many sites and many many flavors and I’m more than happy to give my opinion/share opinions or even swap/share juices. I have over 60 flavors!! Some of them I’ve never opened! Well I look forward to this site and please say hi/friend me or if anyone cares to clue me in on how this works I’d more than appreciate it! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” /> :P

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Hello

Welcome to our humble abode; always nice to see a new person, especially from overseas. And hopefully you don’t have a bunch of ignorant politicians trying to take away your right to vape like we do here in the "Land of the Free." ;)

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