Bedford Slims E-Cig Review! – by: VapaJay

Hey guys – back with another review!

When I first found myself on the [url=​edford-slims-review-sexiest-e-​cig-ever/]Bedford Slims[/url] website I was attracted by the fact that their products just ‘looked’ so cool. Their batteries come in all sorts of stylish designs and look quite different from any other cigalike batteries that are on the market.

And I have to say they looked even better in person! This kit is probably the most aesthetically pleasing kit that I’ve come across to date… and the flavors and LUSH too.

Anyway here’s my full review:​=Gzw67SniN9M

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kelliperkins wrote:
Read many blogs here and I think you will find what most people started with and what they wished they had started with lol. ego seems most popular.

Quite true but when I first got started two years ago there was no such thing as an ego. But as soon as it came out I purchased two of them and since I upgraded several times and with most of us I’m sure I’ll upgrade a few more times until I even give this habit up.
Since this all began to give up those nasty Cigs; I would have to say that it’s served it’s purpose and is for sure leading me off nic as well. I’m at 6mg of nic now down from 24mg when I started. And not one analog Cig in months now and have no desires to have one; even when around others that are smoking. Which to me is a Blessing of extended life. OohRah!

Best wishes everyone and vape On 8-)

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As far as Tanks go I’ve used quite a few different ones. Kangers I’ve never had issues with them as most have with the gurgle or leaking and I have the first Pro Tank, the Two, the Mini and Aero which I like the best because of the Air intake adjustment. Just keep your heads straight.

The Vivi Nova’s The Thin and the XL. There alright but kind of cheap set up in my opinion; especially the Top Wick style. But a hot hit from that style over the others due to the Top mount coil.
really like Clearomizers for taste. Not much of a Pro yet with Coil Rebuilding as yet but will get there.
I have a Russian 91% and a KayFun Mini waiting on me to learn; plus I;m sure from what I’ve read it will add another dimension to my gaping experience.

Still in most cases though no matter your choice your saving money about the end of the second month of vaping on top of living healthy along with still getting your flavor and mic fix 8-) ;)

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Dshobe wrote:
One good thing about this hobby (besides kicking cigarettes finally) is it’s a helluva lot less expensive than my guitar obsession!
Wait till you spend a couple hundred on a mod like the 1 below.

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