Re: August week deals – by: ambercliman

August week discount, up to 31% off, [COLOR="Red"]end in 24th[/COLOR], Aug, extra 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="Green"][B]va​porg5poff[/B][/COLOR]

[B]1. Copper Morpheus Mechanical mod Clone–$23.85( save 10% )[/B]

[B]2. Golden Stingray Clone mod with Patriot RDA–$26.39( save 10% )[/B]

[B]3. HANGSEN 30ml Strong Mint Flavor E-liquid–$2.76( save 31% )[/B]

[B]4. E-POOL 1600mAh Vision Spinner 2+2.4ml T3S–$17.19( save 18%)[/B]


August week deals – by: ambercliman

Big discount for mod & atomizer, up to 30% off. [COLOR="#FF0000"][si​ze=5]the first discount End in 4th, second end in 5th, last two end in 8th, August[/size].[/COLOR] Another 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="#008000"][SI​ZE=4][size=5]vaporg5poff[/size​][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B][size=5]1. Kingfish KY-2 Atomizer 2.5ml RBA–$7.03(30% off )[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]2. Foldable IDEACIG R801 Pipe mod with Mini Atomizer–$27.25(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]3. Tree of Life Style Mechanical mod–$17.99(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]4. Hammer Mechanical mod–$25.8 (12% off)[/size][/B]



New Members and New Vapers • Do u like e cigarette DOVPO E-Mech?

After our first batch production ,most clients give us the suggestions for the E-MECH.we are very appreciative.
Now the new E-MECH is ready
Here is the differents after the upgrade
1.Alarm Clock and the sound of the button already removed.
2.when the screen was lock,you can do nothing but vapor.surely can no turn/off the flash light and power bank function when it was lock.
3.And make the bottom flat so now the mod can stand horizontal.
E-MECH mod is a revolutionary Transformers Style Electronic cigarette mod with touch screen operation, it can be powered up to 30W and it accept two 18650 batteries in series . This is our patented product.
E Cigarette electronic cigarette
E-MECH E-CIGARETTE mod Features:
*Touch screen operation
*Variable voltage 3.0-6.0V
*Variable power 3w-30w
*Resistance shown on display: 0.5Ω- 10Ω
*Emergency flashlight
*Two 18650 batteries series connection
*Power bank:current 2.1A, voltage 5V
*Low battery capacity warning
*Smoking alarm for high frequency
*Short circuit protection, including charging and discharging protection .
our web:

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July Monthly clearance, end in 8th, August.
ego-ce4s, panzer II mod+IC30, KINGFISH atomizers, hammer mod, V-tank atomizers, ego-m7, ego-MT3/4, e-liquid would on sale. up to 60% off.


have a ncie day! hope you enjoy it!


cigabuy flash deals–low to $0.01 – by: ambercliman

[b]Flash Deals: 5 ego-ce4s & 2 vision battery
Instructions: [/b]
The flash deals includes 2 round: The 1st round starts at Beijing time [color=#bb00ff]17:00 July 31st, 2014 (GMT+8 ). The 2nd round begins at 10:00AM August 1st, 2014. [/color]
You can enjoy the listed price only when you apply the coupon below the product. See FAQ for details.



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