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this place is what helped me in the beginning of my vaping journey. nearly 3 years later i feel it’s shame that i’ve forgotten the friends that i made here. if there’s anything i can do to give back to this community or the vaping community as a whole, i’d be more than willing. i’d be glad to help for no charge at all. I realize i’m a bit late but better late than never. if you’re looking for some samples, search this forum. i was quite active here for a long time before things changed over to Facebook and other social networks. i can be reached at the email address you have on file.

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Re: Hi,all! – by: jimmyjjohn

With this my friends, if you need any type of help you know where to find me and will try and share all the knowledge i got from my one year of vaping because i know that if i, at any time need some help, i know that there will be people jut like me always ready to give a hand (as long as it is not to push me down a cliff or something…)


High VG E liquid 50ml $10.95+$2.79 s&h – by: Suzie

High vg liquid 50ml $10.95+$2.79 s&h

Eliquid Market​​’s High VG Dekang e liquids are 20% pg / 80% vg and are available in 0mg & 6mg of nicotine. Eliquid Market has five flavors to choose from:
50ml bottles $10.95 each + $2.79 s&h ($0.50 s&h for each additional bottle) US
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