Protank 4 how often should rba coils be changed?

HI. I finally found a great tank, the protank4. Tried all the other kanger tanks and only the pt2 was any good. Nautulus was my main vape prior to pt4. Tried the stock coils on the pt4 and was about to bin it but i decided to give coil making a shot and the pt4 with rba coil is fantastic.

Anyway i have been vaping it hard for a week, I will prob change the cotton even though it seems fine but I was wondering how often the cotton, and more importantly the coil, should be changed. the pt4…

Protank 4 how often should rba coils be changed?

help with limitless 200w box mod!!!

It's fairly new but when I try to hit it alot of times it locks itself and I'll have to unlock it to try and hit it again. Or I'll be in the middle of a hit and the coils will go back cold and then heat up again. What could be the problem and how can I fix it I'm freaking out because I thought I bought one of the best box mods I could get and now it's doing this after like 3 months of use.

New Tank Advice

So I'm looking for an upgrade.
Currently I'm using a Kangertech Subtank Mini on prebuilt 0.5ohm coils.

I have a few issues, coil taste and flavour muting being the biggest.

Also, now that I have started making my own <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>eliquid, I'd like to start coil building.

I want a good tank which I can build my own coils for and benefit from good flavour. I don't know how good other brands out there really are and am after your expertise!


My first attempt at coil building

Hey everyone I have prebuilt coils in most of my attys but have been wanting to get into making my own. Ideal resistance would be .3-.5. A little higher or lower is ok if it will provide good results but I don't really want a build that needs a ton of power. I spent a good amount of time running combos through steam engine & was planning on kanthal 26 ga dual. The guy I talked to at my local b&m suggested 24 & 7 wraps. (I didn't think to ask diameter btw) He said that's what he uses so I…

My first attempt at coil building