WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, Sub tank hate, TFV8+

Ok, so i'm fairly new to vaping but i also did a bit of reading before diving in.

I have a SMOK Alien 220w mod and an Aspire Nautilus tank.

Beautiful! Nice amount of vapour, smooth draw, good taste.
Love it.

But i also wanted to try some other tanks.
I knew from the pretty generic tank that came with the SMOK Alien that a good tank makes all the difference. So i decided to buy a couple of mid range but well branded tanks.
I went with a SMOK TFV8 Big Baby, KangerTech Subtank Mini-C and a…

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, Sub tank hate, TFV8+

SMOK Skyhook Drip Tip

Hi all, new here, looking forward to a lot of learning.

Recently I picked up a SMOK Skyhook. Works wonderfully, my only qualm with it is the drip tip seems to pop off with very little horizontal force, sometimes pops off in the car, etc.

The manual says it comes with a Delrin wide bore drip tip. I'm newer to these kinds of devices, so any suggestions out there about after-market tips that would fit this guy?

Thanks in advance.


Flatwire 60?

I'm currently trying out some flatwire 60, I built in order to vape on tc. I've never tried it after so long vaping I thought I may.
So…i built a single coil of this stuff, 4 wraps, .10 ohms…i then proceed to prime the coil before wicking and it lights up super bright and the leg snaps off. … just happened. Kinda felt lucky my mod didn't pop, rx2oo with 3 fully charged batteries…good night and lights out.
Anyway has anyone used this stuff, I was told to use it on Ni tc by the shop guy.

Airflow position

Hi there,

Rookie question here. I have two RDAs , both 22mm the troll v2 and the tsunami. While screwing down both attys to my fuchai 200 w when they are fully tightened it leaves one side of the dual air flow pointed at my chin when vaping. It seems I have to loosen the RDAs so the air flow is pointing out to the sides.

I'm sure there's a way to fix this that doesn't involve unscrewing the Atty.

Please help.


Youde/UD Skywalker RDA

UD/Youde Skywalker


Hey guys I was sent this UD/Youde Skywalker to try out so I decided to review/share some info's ! I'd have to say this thing is awesome! Like most RDA's in this category this definitely isn't for the MTL crowd, the airflow when wide open is almost feels like you're just breathing though it, it has side airflow (my preference for atty's like this),technically since it has adjustable airflow MTL people could…

Youde/UD Skywalker RDA

Need help with single coil RDA

Lately I've been playing around making some very cool braided wire. The coils I've been able to use work great. I want to make some different braided wire but they are too big to put in what I have. I'd like to get a single coil RDA to play with. I'm not an RDA or single coil type. I've been looking at a Pharaoh RDA because it has a huge clamp system for mounting the coils and tons of room for huge coils. Any help would be appreciated.

-Vandy Vape Govad Single Coil RDA

Hey folks im starting this thread for people to share there experiences with the Govad also builds tips and <a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/categories/e-cigarette-product-reviews.358/” rel=”nofollow”>reviews will all be welcome. I have had mine for almost a week and will be posting my review in this thread today or tomorrow. My initial experience has been mixed. It can put out very decent flavor but under pretty specific conditions and really needs large exotic single coils to perform. Also filling slash dripping in this thing has been a major PITA for me and it has been one of my…

<a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/vandy-vape-govad-single-coil-rda.795411/”>-Vandy vape Govad Single Coil RDA