Recommend a new tank for me to try.

So I have been vaping for nearly 5 years now. I've played around with everything. used to build my own coils and all that jazz. After a couple of years I decided I just want a good tank with an easily obtained and cheap cost coil that I can just replace as needed.

That led me to the Tobecco Super Tank and I have been using it daily for a very long time. These tanks are built like a tank. Never an issue ever. I own three super tanks and use aspire nautilus coils in it. I always thought this…

Recommend a new tank for me to try.

Small mouth to lung tank with drop in coils

Hi all

Need to recommend a new tank for my mum. She's been using a Kanger Mini Protank 3 for a while but is always having problems with the coils getting flooded.

Looking for:

-Mouth to lung tank
-Smallish tank diameter
510/ego fit
-Top fill
-Drop in coils

Only tank I can see is the Aspire Nautilus, which is bottom fill and has been out for years..surely there's something newer/better out now?

Btw I'm in the UK so it needs to be one I can get here!


Looking for sub ohm tank recommendations

As the topic says I am looking for sub ohm tank recommendations. I have been vaping for about 6 or 7 years but haven't progressed as fast as the industry. It seems like all of the newer subohm tanks are tailored to cloud chasers or trying to compete with RTA's and RDA's. I would like to find a tank with prebuilt coils that has good flavor, adjustable airflow, holds 4-5ml of liquid but here is the part I am having problems with. I need it to have around .5-.8 ohm coils but usable at lower…

Looking for sub ohm tank recommendations

Smok TVF4 tank + new clapton quad coils, bad taste

Hi all,

I have the Smok Cloud beast TVF4 tank and just bought the TF-T4 quadruple clapton coils. I primed the coil really well and also let it sit and soak in for a pretty long while. Oh and cleaned the tank beforehand. Started at very low wattages building my way up (mod is Joyetech Cuboid if it matters). juice is 70/30.

How come it tastes so horrible? I don't know how to describe it… Not a burnt taste, but metallic and weird. There is almost no <a href="”>vapor produced at all and the tank gets…

Smok TVF4 tank + new clapton quad coils, bad taste