Jorda B RDA

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Original jorda review:

For anyone who missed out on the original Jorda RDA, the Jorda B has been released. Basically a slight update and restock of the original, mostly cosmetic.

I finally caved and got one, as I've been looking to tweak my collection and add more restricted lung hitters and leak proof designs. Really happy with it so far. It is…

Jorda B RDA

Counterfeit coils.

So I made the mistake of buying Smok Q2 .4 coils on eBay and although advertised as authentic they were counterfeit. They refunded my money but told me to keep them. I have the big baby beast tank currently. Can I still use these or are they dangerous. I am not concerned that they will burn out quickly cuz they ended up being free but more concerned with any issues it might cause with my mod. Thanks in advance.