letting RDA sit w/ juiced wicks?

sorry if this is a dumb question but i couldn't find any answers in my search…

i have two rda's all juiced up with fresh coils and cotton, figured it would be nice to have a couple flavor options at the ready. my plan was to swap atomizers throughout the day but with only one mod it's kind of a pain. now i'm thinking every other day would be a better system.

would it be okay to let juiced wicks sit for 24 hours between vapes?

thanks :)

I can’t screw on the "Ijust s" tank on the "Ijust s" battery

I bought a brand new vape called "eLeaf Ijust S", and everything LOOKS normal, but when I try to screw the tank on the battery, it just spins in place, it doesn't "grip". I have v8 starter kit too, and ijust s tank goes on the v8 battery very well, but I'm afraid it can blow up or something.

So how do I screw on the ijust s tank, is there some way I can fix it? Please help me :)

Sorry for my english, I hope you'll undestand me :D

Which mod setting for Kanthal coils?

Prefacing with the usual "searched but couldn't find…" disclaimer, so I apologize if this has been covered but couldn't think of a good search phrase. Anyway….

If I put a kanthal coil in my tank, and my mod gives me the choice of Ti, Ni or SS coil, which one should I use? I know enough, or I *think* I know enough to know, that Kanthal should not be used in TC, so I don't. But what type of coil should I tell the mod I'm using?

In this case, it's a Smok TFV4, with the quadruple coil,…

<a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/which-mod-setting-for-kanthal-coils.846687/”>Which mod setting for Kanthal coils?

Psyclone Entheon help

I have several Hadaly RDAs I run in the BF mode with awesome results. A while back I purchased a Entheon hoping for just as good or better performance than the Hadaly. None of my Hadaly builds produce nothing near the flavor in the Entheon. Everything I try just produces a airy diluted flavor. With so many liking the Entheon, I got to be doing something wrong. I have plenty of wire types, tell me what you are doing to make your Entheon great, and I will give it a try.

Need Help Deciding On My Next RDA

I want to buy a new rda, what are your thoughts/opinions…The Drop, The Goon, The Dead Rabbit or The Tsunami? I'm throwing the Tsunami I'm there because it looks like it has Kennedy style airflow (and I am in love with my Kennedy) but with the velocity style deck, I'm thinking it will accommodate the bigger builds that I make but the others I mentioned are supposedly great for flavor too. And now I heard about the Lucid RDA, ugh…can you tell I love bottom airflow? Im more concerned with…

Need Help Deciding On My Next RDA

Will my tank explode?

Recently my mod (iJoy captain p0270) quit reading my tank (Aspire Cleito 120) stating that no atomizer was detected. I tore the tank down and started fidgeting with it, going over some of the stuff it has done in the past. I've had to repair this tank multiple times but this time I was stumped. I began using my brothers tank as he was out of town but he returned and needed his tank back. I was messing with my tank and I realized that at the bottom of my atomizer where it connects to the…

Will my tank explode?

Serpent smm and dry hits


I’ve been in trouble with my serpent smm tank since I bought it. It’s either leaking or giving light dry hits after a few consecutive buffs.

I was able to make a coil that does not leak but still getting this light dry hits usually appearing at the 3rd or 4th buff.

I have tried multiple wecks and builds with no luck so far and even went to several vape stores and friends who used it before but still the same.

I’m using a vaperosso Revenger mod with a coil resistance of 0.39 ohm….

Serpent smm and dry hits