Anyone with the Radar Rda ?

So i've basically just bought the Gbox from geekvape (excellent piece of kit imho)
Comes with the radar RDA which overall aint too bad at all, but the orings that keep the barrel in place are kinda loose and there's absolutely no resistance when pulling the barrel off, for some it might be good since it's easier then to check your deck and all but i like when it feels at least secure on there. I'm just wondering if anyone has the rda and if they have the same loose fit on the barrel section?…

Anyone with the Radar Rda ?

Smok V8 Baby Q2 Core coils in a Big Baby Beast EU edition tank?

Hello, I purchased a Smok ProColor (EU edition) from Fasttech a few weeks ago, and the tank it comes with is the Big Baby Beast from Smok but it's the EU edition which from what I can tell comes with slightly different coils than the regular Baby Q2, so I was wondering does anybody have experience with this, and can I use the regular Q2 coils in it? Because I can't find the EU edition coils anywhere in my country.

Devil rda

I know it's strange but I watched ambitions vaper's review of the $20 devil rda and decided to get one. I mean why not, it's just $20. Much to my surprise is turned out to be a great little rda! It has great flavor and produces very nice clouds. It is also pretty easy to build on. Figure I would throw my opinion on it out there for anyone looking for a nice budget or starter rda

Will the Panger Pangu worth it the AL 85?

Here is a link to the tank I'm wanting to buy since it's so cheap and still holds 3.5 ml, unlike the nautilus which is double the price with only 2 ml:

<a href="″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Do you guys think it's worth it? How do I know if any tank fits my AL 85 before buying it without asking you guys?

Thank you very much!

PS: Can a mod edit the title, I mean to say "work with" and not worth it. I don't know how…

Will the Panger Pangu worth it the AL 85?

After 5 years I still use bottom coil clearomizers.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.. I suppose.

With that being said. My T3S/MT3S/*Insert basic bcc* have slowly broke one by one resulting in me having to think about which direction I want to head in now. I love the simplicity of these and the premade wick/coils cost maybe $3 for 100 which I have plenty of on hand. But I feel like they leave a lot to be desired.

What would the next step be? I don't want to build coils, been there, done that…Hated it. I vape 1.8ohm at 5-6w.

FT offers a…

After 5 years I still use bottom coil clearomizers.